First Presbyterian Church Bloomsburg


Contact Info

First Presbyterian Church Bloomsburg
345 Market Street
Bloomsburg, PA  17815


Telephone: 570-784-2322

First Presbyterian Church Bloomsburg

Welcome to First Presbyterian Church Bloomsburg! Our Sunday worship service is at 10:30am with Sunday School at 9:15am. From July 7 through September 1, worship will be at 9:30am in the air-conditioned Fellowship Hall and there is no Sunday School.

Our Welcoming Statement
With open arms, we welcome all people into our faith community as members or friends. Our welcome extends to all children of God including those of any gender, race, age, country of origin, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, ethnic heritage, ability or disability, educational status, marital status, military veteran status, immigrant status, economic status, health status, mental health status, cultural background, religious background, or any other human condition. We welcome people of all faiths and no faith as honored guests. Feel free to be yourself here, for you are loved.      


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