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First Presbyterian Church Bloomsburg
345 Market Street
Bloomsburg, PA  17815

Email: fpcbloom345@gmail.com

Telephone: 570-784-2322


We are called to fellowship, to love our neighbors, to do good deeds, to share each other’s burdens. How can members of a church family, and the larger community, help each other grow spiritually? Sometimes, just gathering with other believers becomes an opportunity to minister, or to be healed. Does this only happen during a worship service?

One of our ministries here at FPC is called Spiritual Life and Fellowship. Those of us who are involved in this ministry believe that having fun together with our church family is an important way to share the love of Christ. We also know that reaching out to welcome a stranger is not just a nice thing to do; it is what we ar called to do as Christians.

Monthly coffee hours, fellowship meals, games, and spiritual activities are led by various church groups. We want to lead the welcoming of visitors, and keep in touch with our young people who are away from home. We reach out to college students with help from the Protestant Campus Ministry at Bloomsburg University.

New ideas, new faces, more ways to reach out … if you see yourself as a part of this ministry at FPC, contact the church office.