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First Presbyterian Church Bloomsburg
345 Market Street
Bloomsburg, PA  17815

Email: fpcbloom345@gmail.com

Telephone: 570-784-2322

Mission: Local, National and International

The Mission Ministry supports reaching out on all levels, local and beyond. Here is a sample of how we are involved.


Our local mission budget has raised funds to contribute to:

Liaison involves continuing contact with the recipients of our donated funds. Locally we confer with leaders of local charities to determine their needs and share the information gained with the congregation through posting of newsletters and arrangements for guest speakers.

In recent years we have organized two Community Friendship Meals annually at Wesley Methodist Church, administered a clothing drive as part of the local community mission to Bloomsburg Fair carnival workers, and headed up the local Crop Walk.


National contributions have been directed to:

  • Presbyterian Seminaries
  • Presbyterian Senior Living
  • Presbyterian Disaster Assistance

When mission opportunities occur, the Mission ministry administers grants to individuals and groups seeking to bring Christ’s love to suffering communities. Following the Katrina disaster we aided congregational groups traveling to Mississippi to help the recovery.


Our international contributions have supported missionaries in:

  • Egypt
  • Nicaragua
  • The Czech Republic
  • Malawi
  • A college in Pakistan

We establish contacts with missionaries and share their correspondence with the congregation. When possible we try to arrange visits when missionaries are in the United States on home stays. More recently we have also aided a local physician participating in mission trips to Guatemala.