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First Presbyterian Church Bloomsburg
345 Market Street
Bloomsburg, PA  17815


Telephone: 570-784-2322


Who We Are

The Board of Trustees is comprised of five elected members who have been sought out by the nominating committee. Each Trustee serves a three-year term. According to our denomination’s constitution (Book of Order, G-7.0402), Trustees manage property for the church, including accepting and executing deeds of title; and manage any permanent special funds. The trustees may not act without the approval of the congregation granted in a duly constituted meeting.

What We Do

Trustees focus on many of the financial and capital issues that a church faces. Here at First Presbyterian Church of Bloomsburg, we see the Trustees’ role as that of a proactive and fiscally responsible steward of church property. The Board of Trustees executes its role by closely monitoring building needs in its annual walk-through each fall and by seeking input from the congregation. The board then identifies and prioritizes projects, investigates costs, seeks reputable contractors, and plans how to best finance the projects through capital campaigns. The board’s recommendations are then presented to the congregation for approval.

In addition, the Board of Trustees remains constantly alert for ways to save the church money through such things as the Presbytery’s Electric and Gas Consortium. We also monitor the church’s endowment fund with Valley Forge Asset Management Corporation.

Our Renovation History

Throughout our long history the members and friends of First Presbyterian have worshipped, learned, served, gathered and praised together in this beautiful space we have come to know and love. Throughout the years, dedicated members and friends actively sought to preserve and maintain our historic home.

Within the collective memory of many of our members, we have seen the construction of a new education building, the refurbishment of our original education wing. Most recently, through our Seeds of Faith Campaign, we worked to:

  • Clean and re-point an exterior that was gray, black, and chipping, returning the façade to its original glory.
  • Re-plaster and paint the sanctuary walls that were peeling and run down, making them look fresh and clean.
  • Refinish, replace and restore our exterior doors to bring them up to code and making them a welcome entrance once again.
  • Make sure the foundation of our portico was safe and secure for generations to come.
  • Re-lead, repaint and repair our beautiful stained glass windows allowing the rays of sun to fill our sanctuary with a brightness we have not seen in years.

Together we set a goal for $300,000.00 and MET IT!!